You might have an idea of how you want certain aspects of your office to look, certain goals that need to be achieved and things that just make your team tick.

It’s our job to listen to you and fill in the details to create a solid project brief. This is the most important stage of any project as it is the foundation on which your thriving new workplace will be built.

Only once the details and project brief are finalised will we begin work on the main part of your project, which includes providing you with a full scope of the works to be carried out and the final design from your brief.

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Openness, honesty and trust

We work with a company ethos of openness and honesty right from the start, so during the pre-construction phase we will share the benefits of our 25 years’ experience in the commercial workspaces sector with you.

This includes offering honest feedback on limiting factors like deadlines and budget and how best to overcome these, whether you are a new client or a long-term customer.

As much as we want to understand your vision, equally we want you to understand any liberties or limitations we could come up against on the journey to producing your workspace.

This commitment to honesty, integrity and practicality underpins all of our work and ensures the pre-construction phase is as streamlined and stress-free as possible.

Expert Consultation

In the consultation stage of the project we use our expertise in creating dynamic spaces we will help you to realise the specific requirements and goals of your new workspace.

We know which questions to ask to tap into logical and creative aspirations for any business. Since a workplace reflects the likely output and productivity of the co-worker/employee, team needs and behaviours need to be addressed.

A workspace also needs to be a voice for the company personality, ethos and branding. This not only strengthens the integrity of the team but also serves as the flagship of the company to clients and customers who visit.

In an age of population growth space is becoming a more and more apparent issue. How can we help you to make more efficient use of your office space or create safer working areas in a confined unit?

All of these points and more will be covered in the consultancy stage of your project. If you are ready to get started, we are too, get in touch today.

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Retail & Leisure Fit-Out

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