At the heart of your business is your team. From directors to managers to call handlers, these people keep the company running like a well-oiled machine.

Just as it is important that your workspace inspires your clients and customers to stay loyal to you, it is equally vital that your office inspires your team to be proud of the work that they do.

Creativity and productivity can only be allowed to flourish when your employee is happy and stimulated in what they’re doing, and comfortable and relaxed at their workstation. This is where we come in.

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Personal space

The smallest of design changes can alter the psychology of a space. Greenery in the workspace can lift the mood and also remind people of nature – something important if your workspace doesn’t have much natural light.

Lighter colours and materials can also transform an enclosed or artificial space. But balance is a key component of any design. Allow the workspace to reflect the employees and not just a white box with desks. Your employees should feel that their workspace is unique and stimulating.

Your team has chosen to work at your company for a reason, so your company ethos should be upheld in the design of the space they spend their working hours in. This is something they believe in and identify with so it should be celebrated.

Wellbeing was at the heart of our own office fit out at Consensus HQ in Altrincham. Our office needed to be a space that our team could feel comfortable to work in, as well as demonstrate our portfolio of design and construction skills.

Including many different styles, finishes and textures demonstrated what we are capable of delivering, as well as forged a unique space that our team could feel was theirs.


Humans weren’t exactly meant to stare at a screen for long periods of time and this has been reflected in a number of different health issues, from migraines to sleep loss. Staring at a screen for seven hours with a short break of 30 minutes is guaranteed to eat away at a person’s productivity and stress levels.

Creating areas where staff can retreat away from work for a short time or even a change of scenery to brainstorm ideas can have a highly positive effect on workflows in the long run.

Quite simply, the more you invest in your employees happiness and mindset the more productivity, quality and positivity you will get back in return.


The importance of social spaces away from desks extends beyond just productive workflows. Breakout spaces, quiet areas and social spaces such as an office bar or central island are relaxing and socially charges spaces for people to congregate at the end of a day or at a lunch time.

This encourages people to get to know one another on a personal level not just on a work colleague level, strengthening your team not just professionally but socially too. Some people may have few other friends or family members outside of work meaning that social time with work colleagues is an important benefit of coming into work.

Dedicated social spaces ensure that your team can compartmentalise social time from work time without having to sacrifice either. Showing that you care about your team by providing these spaces can elevate trust and morale.